Spending It, Honey!

Well, friends, it’s been a while.

A lot’s happened since I paid The Rogue Music Lab that $7,333.75 last year. One thing is, people never stopped giving me Tire money. After going right down to zero, I’m back up nearly $1,300.00. Or rather, I was before I gave $442 of it away last Friday, May 23rd:


That’s me holding $332 in Canadian Tire money and holding Max Métrault to boot. Max is the man who wrote “Anastasia,” and to whom I’m forever grateful for that song. The money I’m hoisting pays Max in full for the use of his song on Paper Nickels. I think he said one of the things he was gonna get was a Coleman stove… Max took his money away in a little cooler bag. Which is what you do when its cold hard cash.


Some champagne was opened. Heck, not just some champagne, but the very bottle that my publicist and good friend Johan Hultqvist presented me with at The Cameron House when it was announced that we’d hit our goal amount. This bottle has waited a year and two months for the right occasion to come along, and here it definitely was.


I’m glad I waited a year to open this bottle from Johan. Because I never had any idea, even when we managed to make the studio bill fourteen months ago, that it would ever go this far. That the day would come when I’d be paying out royalties in Canadian Tire money. Which, as far as I know, is another historical first.

RV was next.

photo 2-3

It pleases my soul deeply to pay RV (Rob Vaarmeyer), because his songs have meant more to this project than anyone else’s. How could they not? It was RV who brought the idea which became the song that caused the Caper in the first place. RV wrote “Ol’ Fort Mac” and “A Big Truck Brought It,” what more do I need to say? That trucking song has been a hit for me and Jonathan Byrd both, and “Ol’ Fort Mac” has sold more copies of Paper Nickels than any other track on the record. If this wasn’t folk music, RV would have a gold record on his wall. A plaque, a big fat cheque, and something sleek and slender to put on his mantel. As it is he’ll have to be happy with a cheque for $400, the $100 in Canadian Tire money you see pictured above, and the Pro Junior amp which I gave him to fulfill the rest of my debt. See, we barter in folk music.

Scott Cook, you’re next comrade. (For “The Lord Giveth and the Landlord Taketh Away.”) Raghu Lokanathan, I’m comin’ to you with my saddlebags full of Sandy McTires. (For “Sugar Candy Mountain.”) Shawn Jonasson, you too brother. (For “100 Candles.”) If anyone reading this has some loose Tire change you’d like to turn into music, send it to

Corin Raymond
39 Oxford St.
Toronto, ON
M5T 1N8

and it shall be so. I’ll be paying everyone I can with Tire money and hopefully, even the ones I pay with the real stuff will get a wee bundle so that they too can feel some of the love. Which is what it is. I’ll be posting again soon as it gets closer to me debuting my new one-man show, The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper – which is my follow up to Bookworm. This blog site is alive again and the Caper will not die. It’s like the perfect plant for a bachelor: it just keeps on thriving no matter what you do to it. Long live this new economy, friends. I’ll leave you with RV, spitting five cent bills from his fingertips:

photo 5ps. RV bought a food processor, an immersion blender, and a bike lock!

(First three photos taken by Dawa Fruitman, last two by Emma Jane Julien. Thanks to you both!)