Just Another Smile On The Way To The Tranzac

Yep, that’s right. You’re looking at a jumbo Budweiser bottle stuffed with Canadian Tire money.


(Regular bottle beside if for scale.)

Patrick Brealey, a Toronto songwriter whose name comes up more than once in the Paper Nickels book, sent me the picture of the bottle, which he’s bringing tonight to the first of the two-nighter Paper Nickels CD Release at The Tranzac (click for show details).

It was given to him by Cheryl, “the wonderful Grenadan cook who works at The Brass Taps,” who’d been saving it for some time without knowing exactly what for. She heard about the Caper from Patrick and decided it was meant to be.

The Caper makes me giddy. Even after a year. But even giddier is the thought that this very night — Tuesday, January 22nd — Paper Nickels hits a merch table for the first time. The show isn’t sold out. There’s room for you. Even if you all bring a jumbo beer bottle stuffed with Tire money, we’ll get you in. I hope you bring a jumbo beer bottle stuffed with Tire money. That would be the thing to do.

Good night all. Gotta get my Caper sleep.