Just Look At This Beautiful Thing We Did.

Gather in close, friends, and let me tell you ’bout Paper Nickels.

Raymo-reads-2-for-webThat’s it in my hands, weighing in at 0.7 lbs, containing 144 pages, 57 pictures. The words and chords to 20 songs. The stories of where I found those songs and my experience of the artists who wrote them. The tale of the Tire Caper, in all its multi-coloured glory.


This isn’t an album package – it’s the world’s first coffee table CD.

What’s the music like? Oh yeah, the music… well, it’s warm and wooden and alive, full of flesh and heart tones and laughter. It’s soul food. Not just live music, but living music.

I brought everything I had to bring to this beast. Pushed every limit I’ve got. Singer, songwriter, performer, producer, editor, promoter, music journalist, musicologist, memoirist, mapper of the Small Time, impresario, folklorist, and facilitator of the fun percent – all under the same shrink wrap. Never in my sweet short life have I put more time, energy, or money into anything.

It was worth it. This project has been touched by fortune and magic. It’s received so much love during the past year that no shortcuts were possible. I went the full distance, friends, and produced something worthy of all of your love and support. But right now, I need you. I need your help to get this thing all the way into the world.




Corin Raymond
39 Oxford St.,
Toronto, ON
M5T 1N8 

 The bill from The Rogue Music Lab is $7,333.75. The current total of Tire money I’ve collected since the Caper began is $6,162.40. Which means we need $1,171.35 to pull this Caper off completely and forever.

I know we can do it.

TICKETS TO THE TORONTO CD RELEASE NIGHTS CAN BE PURCHASED by clicking the PayPal tab (just below the t-shirts) or by e-transferring the ticket price to corinthatsme@hotmail.com. $15/adv. $25/both nights. All pre-purchased tickets will be waiting for you at the door. Tickets are also available at The Cameron House (408 Queen St. W) and Paradise Bound (270 Augusta Ave. in Toronto’s Kensington Market).

THE PAPER NICKELS ALBUM CAN BE PRE-PURCHASED HERE as well. $30 gets you a signed CD. Include $3.50 for shipping in Canada. If you’re able to pick up your copy at one of the following shows, $30 will do it:

Tues. Jan. 22nd at The Tranzac in Toronto, ON
Wed. Jan. 23rd at The Tranzac, Toronto, ON
Thurs. Jan. 24th at The E-Bar, Guelph, ON
Fri. Jan. 25th at The Pearl Company, Hamilton, ON
Sat. Jan. 26th at The Moonshine Cafe, Oakville, ON
Wed. Feb. 6th at Benoit’s Wine Bar, Revelstoke, BC
Thurs. Feb. 7th at The Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary, AB
Fri. Feb. 8th at Ye Olde Jar Bar, Medicine Hat, AB
Sat. Feb. 9th at Scalliwag’s, Camrose, AB
Sun. Feb. 10th at The Artery, Edmonton, AB
Thurs. Feb. 14th, House Concert in Sunnybrae, BC
Fri. Feb. 15th, Bookworm/Music at Celtic Traditions, Vancouver, BC
Sat. Feb. 16th, Bookworm/Music at Quest University Library, Squamish, BC
Wed. Feb. 20th-Sun. Feb. 24th, Folk Alliance International, Toronto, ON

We are making t-shirts in cream and in black, on unisex American Apparel tees. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. T-shirts are $25 if you can pick it up in one of the towns listed above. $8 for shipping in Canada. The cream:
Paper Nickels Tee design-1
And the black:
Paper Nickels Tee design black
And here’s the detonator.

Again, for those of you who don’t use PayPal but wish to help me see this crazy dream to fruition, you can e-transfer money for any purchases to corinthatsme@hotmail.com, or send a cheque to

Corin Raymond
39 Oxford St.
Toronto, ON
M5T 1N8

*NOTE!!!* If you order after 2 PM on Jan 22, we won’t get your order in time to pick up at the TRANZAC shows. After 2 PM, tickets will only be available at the locations listed above (The Cameron and Paradise Bound) or at the door. You can buy Paper Nickels and tshirts at the venue. Thank you!

Toronto friends, we’ll see you next week. I’d like to stress that the two shows, on Tuesday the 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd, are totally different. Aside from the fact that Kim Beggs (Whitehorse, YK) is opening the Tuesday and Wax Mannequin (Hamilton, ON) the Wednesday, me and The Sundowners are doing completely different shows the two nights, and doing songs that even the regulars at The Cameron House aren’t used to hearing. Each night we will perform one of the albums and an assortment of surprises. You’ve been warned.

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