Ms. Yates Gr 4 Class in Fort St. John!

To catch you up on the recent magic: The current total is $5,824.30. It consists of 27,675 bills and weighs over sixty pounds. Scroll down to the previous post to see what that looks like.

To catch up on the recent music: If you’d like to hear where all this Tire money is going, three songs from Paper Nickels are up online. These are mastered recordings from the double album coming out in January and you can hear them at

Three songs: Brand New Song, by Andrew Neville, The Lord Giveth (and the Landlord Taketh Away) by Scott Cook, and Ol’ Fort Mac by Rob Vaarmeyer.

To catch up on recent mailbox madness: That beautiful tin trap has been spilling over. The mailman thinks it’s the eighties again! In the past three weeks, I’ve received envelopes and Canadian Tire money from coast to coast, including:

$52.65 from Danny, Kathy, Margaret, Debbie, Noah, & Japhy Dorner Sullivan, $6.25 from Jorja & Genevieve, $1.10 from Laura Bonfigli, $2.75 from Sylvia Pozeg, $1.05 from Shirley Wheatley, .95 from Jess  Rae Ayre, $2.70 from David Schulte, $3.25 from Bobbie Lund (along with some “snowman poop”), $4.60 from Laura Miller, $4.00 from Dean and Sharon Davidson, $5.85 from Sara Tilley, $2.50 from Gilles Boudreau, $2.15 anon, .5 from Norah L’Esperance, .55 from Fumiko Maehara, $1.45 from David Newland, $2.85 from Chris Doda, $3.55 from Craig McCaul, .65 from Kristin McCollum, $36.00 from Gail and Cruz, $7.45 from Wendy Crolla, $4.45 from Peter and Mary Jo, .55 from Lesley Anderson, $6.55 from Liz Zaragoza, $6.60 from Al Green (that’s right), $6.45 from Allison Jones, .65 from Fran Porter, .90 from Suzie Vinnick, .60 from Lynn Ingham, $2.10 anon, $2.70 from Beth and Chuck, $1.50 from Rachel Sawatzky (and a chocolate bar!) .50 from ArtsWells friends in Van, .90 from Eugene Osudar, $6.45 from Anna and Johannes, .80 from friends of Amy Moroni Quarry, $5.60 from Barbara Pedrick, .60 from Eila Power, $2.05 anon. At The Cameron House I was given $2.75 from Sahra Featherstone (passed on by her mother), and $9.10 from Christopher Guest.

But I’m sure no one will feel slighted when I say that the greatest thing to arrive in the mail lately was this drawing, accompanied by $11.90 gathered by Laurie Yates’ Gr. 4 class in Fort St. John, BC. The whole class is on it!!

I love these drawings! I love these kids! My favourite is the one with the money head.

Quick question: how often do people putting out albums (myself, for instance) receive drawings from grade four classes informing the artist that the upcoming album has the class’s support?!? How often do songwriters get cheered on by children in primary schools? Yeah, I’d have to agree with you when you say NEVER. So far I’ve received drawings from three separate classes in three separate provinces (to see those, click here), and if that aint a good sign, I don’t know what is.

A gentle reminder: My total bill from The Rogue Music Lab is $7,333.75. The current total is  $5,824.30. Which means I need only another $1,509.45 by the end of January to pull off one of the most beautiful and most Canadian Capers this country has ever seen. I’ve received encouragement from a Gr 4 Class! (Thank you so much, to all of Ms. Yates’ Grade Fours!) It’s because of you guys that I believe that anything is possible.

To get involved in the Caper, click here!