$5,700.45 and Counting…

Here’s what $5,700.45 in Canadian Tire money looks like, all in one place.

My buddy Ralph from Vancouver, who I met on VIA Rail last year, dropped by with .55 and it put the Caper .45 over the fifty-seven hundred dollar mark.

This was after receiving contributions in the mail that day: $11.70 from Laurie Yates (pooled by Ms. Yates’ Grade 4 Class at Robert Ogilvie Elementary School in Ft. St. John, BC!), $5.85 from Sarah Tilley in St. John’s, NL, and $4.60 from Laura Miller in Owen Sound, ON.

Then my friend Jordanna Rachinsky dropped by and took these photos.

The entire bill from The Rogue Music Lab for the recording, editing, balancing, and the mastering of the double album Paper Nickels — which will be released in Toronto on January 22nd/23rd at The Tranzac — is $7,333.75.

Which means I need to raise only $1,633.30 in Canadian Tire money by January 23rd to pull off one of the greatest Canadian Capers that’s ever happened. Notice I said ‘only’. Anything feels possible now.

And any Tire money that reaches me by the end of this week will be in the total presented in the 144-page book that will accompany the double album. Yeah, you read that right. 144 pages. We’re putting out a coffee table CD, and I’m going to sell it for the standard CD price of $20. Because the whole beautiful project is my thank you to you for giving me THIS:

 If you have anything you’d like to add to this heist, please send it to:
Corin Raymond
39 Oxford St.
Toronto, ON
M5T 1N8
Lastly, this album cannot be produced with Canadian Tire money alone (hard to believe, I know). Pre-purchases help enormously at this point. $30 gets you a signed copy and $50 gets your name in the book (if you get me the $50 by the end of this week).  Pre-purchases are welcome at any time, right up to the release dates in January. You can pre-purchase using PayPal by clicking the DONATE tab on this page: http://www.dontspendithoney.com/?page_id=10.
It’s comin’ folks, and it’s gonna be something else.