$1,790.85 Away From a Coup…

This is a last-ditch, home-stretch, final appeal to anyone out there who has any spare portraits of Sandy McTyre still kicking around!!

I need exactly $7,333.75 in Canadian Tire money to cover the production of the double album Paper Nickels!

As it stands, I have $5,542,90.

Which means I’m $1,790.85 from turning this Caper into a Coup.

I’m sounding the Tire Money Conch!!! We’ve come this far, friends. We’ve already achieved the impossible. We’re heading into the magical now.

Anything that gets to me this week gets included in the album notes, and anything that reaches me by January 22nd can realize this craziest of dreams. Drop it off at The Cameron House, or send it on!!!

Corin Raymond, 39 Oxford St., Toronto ON, M5T 1N8.

Paper Nickels is a double album, accompanied by a 120-page full-colour book, which will include not just a celebration of the Caper itself, but the lyrics to all 20 songs (with the chords), and an additional 300 words about each song/songwriter. The album features songs by Rob Vaarmeyer, Shawn Jonnason, Max Metrault, Bob Hannan, A.G. Olmstead, Jonathan Byrd, Doug Norquay, Scott Nolan, Corin Raymond, Raghu Lokanathan, Taylor Ashton, Andrew Neville, John Borra, Scott Cook, Ridley Bent/Dustin Bentall, David Ross Macdonald, and Evalyn Parry. All performed by Corin Raymond and The Sundowners. And if you haven’t heard of some of those names, that’s the whole point. The scope of this project is beyond anything I’ve ever done, the package is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and The Great Canadian Tire Caper of 2012 will make us smile for the rest of our lives.

Send me yours and I’ll spin it into gold. Corin Raymond. 39 Oxford St., Toronto ON, M5T 1N8. You’ve got the next week to make the total in the package– you’ve got till January 22nd to make this little Canadian miracle real.

Signing off with this photo taken by Julia Kalinina, and with a caption from Chris Dignan (whose Toronto band Dodge Fiasco is a must-see):

“Make a record or buy booze?? Make a record or buy booze? — Keep drivin’, buddy!!”

You know what to do.