My Age and My Address– Twice!!

A quick message to say that I’ve accrued $65.35 in CT$ while I’ve been at the London Fringe ($15.70 here in London and $49.65 in the mail box at home), which brings the total, for a beautiful instant, to $3939.50.

This will not last 24 hrs, but it’s nice, even for just a glimmering moment, to have a figure which contains both my age and my address– twice!  Will I break $4,000 before I leave London on Monday?  That’s the million dollar question– and since you would have to spend a million in actual cash to get back $4,000 in Tire bucks, it really is exactly that.

Also, to follow up on the post below this one, here’s what happened when Jayla’s class saw her drawing online– this from Lynn Marie, Jayla’s teacher in Montreal:

I put the website up on the whiteboard in the classroom and everyone clapped and cheered when they saw Jayla’s drawing and she loved that you commented on it. You made her day. Then I played the video clip of you singing “Don’t Spend It Honey”.  They were all singing along with the chorus. When we went outside for recess afterwards a couple of them said it was stuck in their heads and they couldn’t stop singing it.  Thank you very much Corin for making a little girl happy.

They couldn’t stop singing it!!  I love that.  Warms my madcap heart.  This caper is being enjoyed by several generations, but to know that its theme song is rooting itself in the malleable minds of grade-schoolers, well, shucks.  In my most diabolical dreams I couldn’t have wished for more.  As for anyone else who has that thing stuck in your head– yeah, sorry ’bout that.

And here’s another smile-maker, posted by Deb Proctor on my facebook page:

 This reminds me of a Thursday at The Cameron House about a month ago (where I play every week with my band The Sundowners when I’m in town).  My buddy Michael Laderoute had just got back from Mexico and he put some Mexican pesos in our hat.  By random coincidence, a beautiful gal I’d never seen before had just returned from Cuba.  She put 13 Cuban pesos in the hat.  And of course, in there amongst the Wilfred Lauriers, the John As, and the green Queens, were portraits of Sandy McTyre.  The thing that struck me, as with the picture above, is that the Canadian Tire Dollar was as strong– if not stronger– than any of the other currencies in its company.  And I’m not the only one who thinks so, as proven by this photo posted by Allison Jones:

But if you send your Tire Money to me, I’ll give you something SO much better than french fries in return.  I’m sitting at $3,939.50– only $60.50 away from my first million.  Wow.  That’s crazy.  And so are you, for being part of The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper of 2012, which is alive as ever.

I’m dropping you this word from London, Ontario, where I’m performing my one-man show Bookworm.  I’ll be talking about that on CBC’s Fresh Air (broadcast in Southern Ontario) this Sunday the 17th (Father’s Day) at 8am, and on Shelagh Rogers’ CBC Radio One program The Next Chapter (nationally) on Monday, June 18th at 1pm.  It’s nice to be in the national media for something other than the Tire Caper, but don’t think it’s gone unnoticed here in London:  The London Free Press covered the story, and they did a better job than Global Television.

Global aired a piece a few weeks back to make it look as if the Caper was over.  Fini.  Kaput.  Curtains.  Which it most certainly is not.  It was very sweet of them to be interested, but I got the feeling they wanted to steal the end of the Caper.  Even though it hasn’t ended.  It’s happening every day!  The total is $3,939.50 right now, but that’s not gonna last the night.

Oh, and there’s something misleading in that Global piece: when it cuts to James Paul saying, ‘the record is $650’, it might sound like he’s talking about my record.  He’s talking about the record for Canadian Tire Money raised in the past to pay for a project.  Though ‘raised’ would be the wrong word.  The fella who brought in the $650 earned it all himself, over many years of filling up at CT.  He had a job which had him on the road every day.

As for my ‘fulfilling my dream’, I’m still dreaming like I have been all along.  I’ll be collecting that beautiful stuff ’til the end of the year, everywhere I go, and I wanna see just how close to $10,000.00 we can get.  Why not??  This is never, ever gonna happen again.  We’re making history, and I’m making an album that you’re gonna wanna listen to the rest of your days.  I can promise you that.  More on Paper Nickels (out in November) soon.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see this pile double, you can send any loose Sandy McTyres to me at 39 Oxford St., Toronto ON, M5T 1N8.

Thanks to Rob Leth for the photo.

More on the album soon,