‘…And How About The Good Luck Is You Have To Get Some…’

Back in January, I knew that life was lovin’ me right back when I received this in my mailbox:

Miss McNorton’s class pooled nearly five dollars, accompanied by this drawing– presumably of me, celebrating my wealth at the next gig:

And then last month I received a few more paper dimes accompanied by this beautiful drawing from Jayla, an eight-year old girl at Westpark School in Montreal:

Thank you, Jayla!!!  I love how the sun is sticking its tongue out and I love how you managed to get both ends of the rainbow in there!  Thank you for making my day!!!

Again, this is encouragement no granting board could ever grant.

And this is four-year old Ava Scarlett, also in Montreal, holding some of the paper nickels I’ve received over the past six weeks.

Ava Scarlett had something to say about three things this caper runs on, and has been generating ever since it started (those would be happiness, love, and good luck), and here are her words, verbatim:

“Happiness comes from lots of love and and how about the good luck is you have to get some, and not be so impressed. And wash the dishes. And that’s it.”

Thanks to Ms. McNorton’s Grade Five Class in Tecumseh, Jayla and Ava Scarlett (Tracey!) in Montreal– along with Steve Ruggle at The Shepherd’s Crook in Georgetown, The Ferraros at The Cameron House in Toronto, Madison Lewis in Alberta, Peter Katz, Allison Jones, Nicole Stoffman, and the bearded fella at The Cammy whose name I don’t have, the current total is $3,835.95.

Yeah, let’s use the alphabet and look at that number again:

Three thousand, eight hundred, thirty-five dollars, and ninety-five cents.

And closing in on thirty-nine.  If you’d like to help me achieve the number that is both my age and my address, send any loose paper change to:

Corin Raymond, 39 Oxford St., Toronto ON, M5T 1N8.

And as Dylan Harding put it, ‘Long live this new underground economy.’

More soon about the album itself, which we’re working on this very minute.