Innovative…. Plus Cool.

In the past month I’ve received over 250 personally addressed packages from everywhere in this country.  Folks, friends, fans, and fellow freaks from afar have been opening their hearts right along with their kitchen junk drawers and glove compartments.  My mailbox is a Christmas stocking and every night has been Christmas Eve.  How long has it been since you got a letter in the mail?  Yeah, me either, until now.  But in the past month I’ve gotten letters, cards, drawings, artwork, notes of encouragement, gifts, random beautiful objects, and actual money to boot– and love!!  An avalanche of love.  Never have I been on the receiving end of this much love, of so many Vivas!  Every single package I opened cheered, and every 10-cent contribution was an Excelsior.  Over the next while I’m gonna share some of that mail with you, like a kid bringing his show-and-tell treasures to school.

Speaking of which, I got this from a kid!!  The only donation which– mysteriously– was sent to The Rogue Studios:

Mystery Donator sent a few bucks in CT$, along with a note on the back of a torn Marvel Comics postcard:

This kid is after my heart!  Here’s what the note said:

Innovative… plus cool.  Encouragement does not get better than this.  I promise you that no granting board in the world ever sent anyone a torn Marvel Comics postcard that congratulated the recipient for being Innovative… plus cool.  This kid also sent me a very large band-aid.  Yeah, not sure about that either.  I guess that’s what makes it a mystery package.  Maybe he’s not a kid.  Whoever he is, I love him.

Some of the greatest, and most entertaining, encouragements I’ve received have been from musicians.  I got this note from Winnipeg’s Andrew Neville, who’s got a song on the album which the Tire Money is helping me to make:


Subtitles, if you need ’em:

This should help some.

I’ve had this pile of bills sitting around for a long time, might as well spend it on something that’s worth it!

Love the song man, but then again, I love all your songs.  You are often played over the house system late at night at the Times.  Everybody knows ALL the words.

Anyway, talk to you soon my friend.

OH!!! The next thing I send you will be our new CD.  Check your mail around spring time.


Andrew Neville

Again, no granting committee ever tells you that they listen to your records after hours, that they know every word– and they definitely never tell you to STAY HARD!

I’m getting letters like this from my favourite songwriters in the land!!  You can’t apply for that kind of support, man.  There is no substitute for it whatsoever.  Only a community is capable of it.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re Innovative… plus cool.

ps.  I shouldn’t leave without letting you know the latest total, which is $2,462.20…. just thirty-seven dollars and eighty cents away from a brass-ring total of $2,500.  Who’ll put me over the quarter mark?  Wouldn’t you like to see what $5,000.00 in Canadian Tire Money looks like, all in one place?